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6 Tips for Using the Air Conditioner in Your Car

In all modern cars produced in the last 5-7 years, there is such an irreplaceable feature as an air conditioner. How do we use it? Yes, everything is very simple, we get into a car, start the engine, press the A/C button and hope that the coolness will reign in our car as soon as possible. Are we doing it right? Not so much.

So how to use the AC properly? This question is answered by Consumer Reports. For those of you who do not know, Consumer Reports is a magazine for buyers who want to purchase the best car detailing and want to know everything about them: both their pluses and minuses. Ratings are based on the opinion of users of goods and offer the most objective assessment.

Tip # 1

After you get in the car and get the engine running, you should open all the windows, set the blowers to a maximum speed (air conditioner should stay off for now) and hit the road. Even if the speed of traffic is small, the oncoming airflow and in-car air will circulate inside the cabin, removing the heated air from the car.

Tip # 2

As soon as the blowers start supplying cool air, you should to completely close the front windows and open slightly the rear ones leaving some small slits. The air blowing should continue to work at maximum. As the airflow area decreases, the airflow rate will increase and thus the cooling of the cabin will be done faster. The cool air from the front of the cabin will displace the heated air from behind. This is very important advice, which you may want to try out in the future.

Tip # 3

Set the air cooling to a comfortable level and close the rear windows. Now, you want to
set the AC mode to the required temperature. If there are passengers in the back seat, turn off the air recirculation. The intake of cooled air under such conditions will occur in the front of the car and move backwards, which will lead to an increase in the temperature in the rear of the car.

Tip # 4

Turn off the Start/Stop system if it is present in your car. When you stop and the engine turns off, the air conditioner will stop working along with it.

Tip # 5

Check the cabin air filter. It must be clean to maximize the passage of air through it.

Tip # 6

If your car is equipped with the climate control system, setting it to a minimum temperature will not cool the car faster. We recommend setting the temperature to a comfortable level, and it will cool the car cabin in the shortest time possible. Speaking of cars equipped with the climate control systems, you can check bmw x prices here, as these luxury cars are all equipped with the system.