Things to Do in Lombok, an Earth Paradise

Lombok is a charming place where you feel like you will not tell to anyone about the Island to protect the peaceful in it. It is a place where you only want to share the existence of it with your family and close friends. You can find many things to do in Lombok though this island is listed as one of the difficult places to explore. However, it has been changed since last six years ago. You can explore Lombok with easy accommodation since the new roads are built and International Airport is opened. It makes million of travelers come to visit this Island in every year easily. Both of the infrastructure and hotels make this Island more popular among tourists from over the world. Visiting Lombok is an unforgettable memory. This place is different from Bali where you can find so many popular destinations in Bali while there are a lot of untouchable and isolated places in Lombok that you can visit. If you like to travel around the world that much, then Lombok is a perfect place for you to visit when you have a chance.

There are fun things to do in Lombok. Also, you can enjoy the amazing sightseeing there like you are in an earth paradise. This place can be visited whether you are with friends or families. There are destinations that you can choose while visiting Lombok.

  • Gili Islands. There are three main places in this island. You can call them as three paradise islands. They are GiliTrawangan, Gili Air, and GiliMeno. They are located near from Lombok which you can catch them only in 20 minutes by boat. Those Gilis are very well-known for people who like to do snorkeling and diving. However, you can also find it as relaxing place where you can do partying and swimming. Visiting Gili Islands is a must.
  • Mount Rinjani. It is the second highest volcanoes of Indonesia which is also one of the most highlight destinations of Lombok. You can see the beautiful views in it and then travel to Crater Lake to get more experiences.
  • Pusuk Monkey Forest. On the breathtaking mountain to Bangsal, you will find a forest which is called as Pusuk Monkey Forest. It is named from the amount of wild monkeys which live near from the street in the forest. This can be right destination if you want to feel the wild nature with wild animals in it and feed them. However, you have to be careful once you step in the forest since they are wild, they may attack you.

Those are onlylittle things to do in Lombok. You can visit many other destination places in each side of Lombok. Come to visit Lombok whenever you have a chance to visit Indonesia. You may know Bali as a beautiful superstar, but Lombok is a like a little brightest star. Explore more about it and you will back to your home with a head full of happiness.

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